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    Come join us @ Encounter!

    Tuesday Encounter

    When and Where?

    Nieuwe Binnenweg 324, Rotterdam
    Tuesday, Jan 21
    If you can’t find it you can call/text +31 649606516

  • who are we?

    We are a group of students that seek to live life by following the example of Jesus. We have been impacted by the love of God and long to share that with others. Together we pray, disciple, worship, reach out, chill and of course have tons of fun :D No matter what you believe, if you are from the University, HBO or MBO, know that you are more than welcome to be a part of our community.

    " We're kind of weird...you'll fit right in! "

  • Upcoming events


    Pizza n Game Night

    Jan 7th, 2020

    Encounter Night

    Jan 14th, 2020

    Encounter Night

    Jan 21st, 2020

    Encounter Night

    Jan 28th, 2020

  • Life Groups

    People thrive in community, so make sure you find your people!


    Every week we have separate Guys and Girls life groups across Rotterdam. We believe that real growth happens when you have people around you that you can share life with, be honest with and who support you. We take the time to be transparent, ask real questions and learn what it is to live in relationship with God.

    - 5 active life groups in Rotterdam -

    - Different groups meet on Mondays or Thursdays -

  • New student in Rotterdam?

    Here is some useful information

    Public Transportation 

    Getting around

    If you are looking to get around using public transportation in Rotterdam, one of the most useful apps is called "9292". The app shows you which tram, metro or bus to take. You can find it on your phone's app store and on https://www.9292.nl/en

    You will need an OV-card to use the public transportation. Check out the website https://www.ov-chipkaart.nl/home-1.htm#/ for more information!

    You need a bike!

    Don't get a new one!

    If you have never been in the Netherlands you might be shocked by the amount of bikes your see. Unfortunately this also means that in big cities like Rotterdam, getting your bike stolen tends to happen often. So make sure you buy a second hand bike and a good lock.


    For second hand bikes (and other useful things) check out the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/commoditymarketrotterdam/


    If you are here for a shorter stay, say 6 months, there is a service you can rent your bike from. They will deliver the bike to you and you can pay a monthly fee of about €12. Their website is swapfiets.nl

    Looking for a church to go to on Sunday?

    International Church

    A lot of the international students @ SFC go to the Europoort International Church. You can check out their website @ http://www.europoortinternational.nl



    Buying your Groceries

    Know your Supermarket!

    There are several supermarkets in Rotterdam and some will save you some more money than others:

    Cheapest - Aldi, Lidl

    Cheaper - Dirk

    Average Prices - Jumbo

    Expensive -Albert Heijn (AH),Plus, Coop

    Most expensive -Spar

    Check the weather!

    Consistency is not promised

    We love our country, w, 5 5 10 /& ™¦e really do. But our beautiful country tends to suffer from mood swings. It can be sunny, rainy, clear and snowing all on the same day! So make sure to check the weather before you leave in the morning.


    Pro tip: One of the most used apps amongst Dutchies is "Buienradar". It literally means 'shower-radar' and it shows you between which hours and for how long it will rain during the day. So we recommend downloading it!

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